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For Vivienne Benesch, producing artistic manager for PlayMakers, the decision to revisit Arthur Miller’s The Crucible during PlayMakers’ 2016-2017 season and an election year was an easy one.

The Crucible, in its essence, is a play about people living in fear. According to Benesch, it’s that fear that makes the play “wonderfully uncomfortable.”

The masterpiece, which originally ran as part of PlayMakers’ first professional season in January 1977, fit perfectly into Benesch’s vision for a season about community and individual transformation.

“It challenges us to look at our role as citizens,” Benesch said.

The Crucible was selected as a signature event within the College of Arts & Sciences’ new initiative, Carolina’s Human Heart: Living the Arts and Humanities, and runs in the Paul Green Theatre (in the Center for Dramatic Art) from Oct. 19 to Nov. 6.

Video by Melanie Busbee, Communications & Public Affairs

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